Extinction Events

In this collection of short stories, Liz Breazeale explores the connections between humans and the natural world by examining the processes and history of our planet. Here, extinction events come in all sizes and shapes, as volcanic eruptions and devastating plagues and meteor impacts, as estrangements and betrayals and losses. Dark, angry, and apocalyptic, Extinction Events is a compendium of all the ways in which life can be annihilated.

Available at: University of Nebraska Press; Pagination Bookshop; Barnes & Noble; Amazon

Praise for Extinction Events:

“With a bold contemporary relevance, this collection captures the giddy wonder inside our panic. . . . . Liz Breazeale stands her characters in the dusty history of the Chicxulub crater as they recite the poetry of humanity’s everyday aches, the breath of the dinosaurs on their necks. In the face of a mandatory evacuation, one is tempted to batten down the hatches and curl up with this marvel of a book.”—Jennifer Murvin, graphic narrative editor of Moon City Review

“In Breazeale’s world a climatologist anticipates the destruction of Kiribati, her island home: ‘We won’t let ourselves be eroded. You can’t disappear us.’ These stories pit our most intimate aspirations against cosmic extinctions—truly spellbinding, essential stories of our time.”—Wendell Mayo, author of Survival House

Extinction Events is a book for our times. Against the backdrop of environmental cataclysms past and future, the stories here bring to life the fractured worlds of artists and scientists, hucksters and hypnotists, all searching for those relationships that can connect and sustain us.”—Lawrence Coates, author of Camp Olvido